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I had an alarming reaction recently to a response I gave to a racist post showing a black actress playing a historical white figure and they compared it to a white comedy actor playing Martin Luther King. There are a few of these doing the rounds, and it is a pushback by conservatives by ridiculing many of the changes we are going through to promote inclusivity and diversity and perpetuates much of the subconscious racism that abounds. I condemned the post for the racism it provoked but I was outnumbered 4 to 1 in being condemned by my white pals from way back for bringing politics into our conversation. My answer was that the very post was political and was not funny. Then I was told that I seemed to be aligning myself with the “Woke Liberal Left!” I just told them that was a badge I wear proudly before the conversation went silent.

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Byron George

Positive & openly sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! Meditator, living, loving and growin’ old disgracefully.

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