Do Videos or Podcasts Count To Promote My Books?

Byron George
4 min readApr 3, 2022

Like all authors or indeed any business we have to have a website and other promotional materials.

I’ve recently added 2 videos to my website:

In the hope that they will attract readers or sponsors, publishers, and even movie companies to get inquisitive about the stories.

As an author, I write prolifically and daily and in more than one genre under my 2 ‘nom des plumes’ of Brian George and Byron George.

The Byron George persona I use for my more erotic romances, I liked the Byron name from the original Lord George Gordon Byron who was an English poet and Peer of the realm with a notorious romantic background, and I thought that would fit my more risqué novels.

Brian George is my actual first 2 names and I use that for my more standard thriller genres. The “Dream Team” series of characters are written under that pen name. There is a lot of reality from my personal life written around the characters and events in those novels.

As a regular Medium contributor, I thought I’d seek any comments or even suggestions about how those same videos inform the potential reader and I have added the links here with an explanation of why I use those different pen names.

The latest book titled “My Manager” is a collaboration between myself and my actual campaign manager at my publisher, Sandra Power. We have quite an amazing story in that we have never met, and I have never seen a picture of her, apart from a sketch that a friend of hers did and that got us around the rules. Her company policy is that she is not allowed to share pics or social media with her clients, but by constant daily telephone contact we have fallen in love. The book is the story of if we had actually met and become lovers. Sandra gave me the ideas and I wrote the story chapter by chapter. I guess you could say that it is a story of wishful thinking on both our parts, but it has been a wondrous journey. At the very beginning of our relationship, she told me that she had fallen for me and was completely sapiosexual and we took it from there.

Byron George

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