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Love, Lust & The Heart

Byron George
Apr 24, 2021


When oh when

instincts carnal combine,

with emotions and heart

reason bids farewell.

Love envelops and entwines,

And passion seduces.

The rhyme has gone,

Reason bade its farewell.

The rise of the blood

The moist and the rigid

Blows hard and broods,

Thoughts so eager

Excites and gives flight,

Bids reason farewell.

The chase hormonal

The odor,

The skin

The heart

The twitches

The rows

And the bitches

Bade reason farewell.

Sweat runs bidden,

The bones hurt,

desire has risen,

combined with heart,

no quarter given,

Bids reason farewell.

When love without care

Takes over the heart,

Lust takes the dare,

And reason departs.

Brooding and wanton

An aura electric

Bring it on

Energy selective

It's messy no care

All reason has gone.



Byron George

Positive & sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! LGBTQ+ Positive, Growin’ old disgracefully.