Just ask and I'll write. I have a trans character and hero in my novels of The Dream Team series.

I grew to love and count as friends many of the trans (Khatoeys) in Thailand when I lived there for 13 years. Eventually some became lovers too.

I'm in the UK fighting through arguments with the right over many issues at present and have written poems on here about the situations.

One ex friend of many years was spouting anti left propaganda calling the opposition Labour Party "Cervix Deniers" as if he was some sort of intellectual. Then cancelled me at a function when I wore a pink polo shirt in solidarity with Pride month.

Love is love no matter what/who/where/how is my viewpoint as I get older.



Byron George

Positive & openly sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! LGBTQ+ Positive, Growin’ old disgracefully. www.brianandbyron.com