It should not even be an issue. The more you treat it as something special and not the norm the less chance you will have of having an integrated society where race issues should not concern people.

I'm from the UK and whilst working in the UAE had a Nigerian girlfriend and we went hand in hand to a mall there one weekend and took a lunch outside a small cafe. I could not get over the American (white) family on the next table, whose 2 kids were rudely staring at us and talking behind their hands and sniggering. Their parents did nothing about it and also looked at me as if I'd committed a crime.

I understood what it was about and so did my partner, but it saddened me that there would be more kids growing up with that entrenched racist attitude. We cocked a snook at them and laughed, and enjoyed ourselves.

When we got up to go, I made it quite plain that we were a 'couple' and did overdo the gentleman bit with holding her coat for her and giving her a peck on the cheek, which even in that country could have got us into trouble, but for being unmarried and showing public affection.

It's a crazy world full of stupid prejudices, and the sooner all these issues are treated as nothing out of the ordinary, the better it will be for all.

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