I thought I'd just say hi.

I've been through many different addictions throughout my life and conquered most. I accept that I have, and so do most people, some form of addictive personality, but alcohol I manage ok, I can go without or binge. I've worked in countries and jobs where it's banned and laid off it at will. But in the UK the pub and the social scene is all about a few drinks and hard not to.

Sex is an addiction that I haven't managed to lose and probably don't want to, but these days I write about it in erotic romance stories more than getting any, lol! Covid has put a block on my travels and age seems to have put the block on my old career. That is why I've come back to my first love of writing. My novels are my love now, and my articles and tales on here.

I'll definitely look your writing up, and your lifestyle looks amazing in those pics.

Take care,

Brian/Byron www.brianandbyron.com

Positive & openly sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! Meditator, living, loving and growin’ old disgracefully.