Humans are Disgusting!

Byron George
4 min readApr 21, 2020

I’ve been taking my daily allowed walk in the fine Spring weather we are having at this moment. I’m lucky that where I live is rural but within easy reach of London. I just have to walk out of my house and at the end of my road is a recreation park which has a path that leads to a public footpath which cuts through some farm fields and makes a nice circuit back through the village and home again. The government recommendations are that I can take about 1 hour’s walk for exercises during the lockdown period.

As some of you might have read my other posts on some of the more sexual habits and freedoms, the headline might give you an idea that what I’m going to write here is related. If it was then I believe that it would be much more of a pleasant observation than the ones made. People are in general observing the social distancing rules while out and I pass a few nice people walking their dogs. Our local council have been organised enough to put strategically placed bins around the paths and parks, with specific bins for dog waste. The special bio-degradable plastic bags are widely available, therefore there are no excuses to let their dogs crap in the already planted fields of the brassica or on the footpaths. Unfortunately, many of the so-called dog-lovers seem to think that because the bag is degradable they can pick up their mutt’s excrement and then instead of carrying it maybe a half-mile it is better to throw it down alongside the path. It would be probably just a little better to leave the dog to shit and forget the bag! The government advice is to keep the dogs on a lead to control them and not possibly spread any virus to either other dogs or humans, but so many owners just let them roam free and far.

At the end of my walk across the fields, I turn into a tarmac country lane and head back into the village, and over the quaint old railway crossing. That should also be a pleasant walk, but even there all I notice are hedgerows full of old plastic bags, drink cans, sandwich packets and other general rubbish. The so-called humans who throw this out of their cars or unload their pockets into the hedges and bushes need their noses rubbing into their own shit. Even the dogs are better behaved. One day whilst walking a workman’s van went by, and as they passed me a side door slid open and the remnants of a KFC meal, including the packaging was thrown into the…

Byron George

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