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Freedom (From the Isle of Calumny)

Byron George
2 min readJul 5, 2022


The utmost importance to me
Is to be free
To be allowed to roam far and wide
Where and for as long as can be
To stroll many countries is the key
What I had before that Boris the Schneid
Got elected to pursue his policy

Boris the snake
Is totally fake
A liar and cretin throughout
So often caught out
By his lies and smears
He’s now brought about
Like pigs with their snouts
In the trough of his making

I’m now enslaved
And stuck
I’m left to suck
On the dick of a fantasy
Of a racist Tory party

Where do we go now
With the soul of a Gypsy
Where can I get another residency
My pockets are empty
My heart and soul are despondent
Who will rid me of the shackles
Of this Brexit government
That raises my hackles

They trap me daily
In the sceptered Isle of Calumny
Where do we go to escape
The lies and profusion
Of this disunited kingdom of red tape
Its apt that their collusion
To trap the nation
Into believing their machinations
While they continue with their rape
In a bonfire of vanity

A plethora of dishonesties
A dearth of moralities
With falsehoods and fabrications
Deceptions and mendacities
We are prisoners of English corrosion
Set us free of the deception
The misrepresentation
I want real sovereignty
Of my liberty
Independence and autonomy
Away from their depravity



Byron George

Positive & sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! LGBTQ+ Positive, Growin’ old disgracefully.