Death Cults of the West

Byron George
4 min readNov 15, 2023
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The Nasty Parties & Their Nasty Leaders

What is it about the Western world at the moment?

In the UK, we have what is clearly an extremist and unpopular right-wing government that is clinging to power despite every opinion poll showing that the public wants a general election to get rid of them.

That government is still spouting platitudes about what they were elected to do. This Prime Minister is unelected, not even by his party. He was second best to Liz Truss in the Tory leadership election, but she crashed the economy and was ousted by the MPs of their party.

The Home Office Minister was sacked after stirring up a load of football hooligans to attack those peaceful demonstrators seeking a ceasefire in Gaza; instead, these dumbasses attacked the police for stopping them.

The Prime Minister was today defeated in the Supreme Court over his plans to deport genuine refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda. The Supreme Court Judges decided that it would be illegal and unsafe to send those poor, desperate individuals to a dangerous country.

Instead of accepting the defeat graciously, the Prime Minister and most of his party had a tantrum. They spat their dummies out and are now talking about defying that law by creating nastier ways to get around the law or plain ignoring it altogether. I thought MPs created laws and expected the rest of us to follow them.

Now the government’s party is screaming and shouting and stamping their feet, claiming that the people want their nastiness despite the public having moved on and become more ‘woke,’ whatever that means.

Next, they appointed a minister to identify those of us who they consider ‘woke ’ and stop those dangerous views from spreading. This government has to hold a General Election in the next 12 months. It appears to be seeking confrontation to divide us all and bring in ever more authoritarian and extremist laws in the hope that we’ll all become fascists in what time they have left. Good luck there, then!

In the USA, the Republican Party is constantly fighting itself over who is more extreme and supporting the last President who still refuses to accept the outcome of the previous election. The party seems…



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