An Irrational Hatred of Ant & Dec!

Byron George
2 min readJan 1, 2021

For my fellow Brits who all seem to love those cuddly Geordie TV presenters, please explain to me what it is that makes them so popular?

It seems that every night at a certain time of year I am forced to endure their ridiculous babble on a show called “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.” The show seems to encourage endless bullying of minor celebrities attempting to get their careers back on track along with certain respected others who are probably getting a huge fee to boost the ratings.

Anybody who has seen the show knows what it is about and may enjoy it, but it just turns my stomach when they treat these competitors to eating awful concoctions of snakes, spiders or all manner of things that you would not choose just to get their fellows back at a camp food for the day. Or make them do tasks in holes in the ground full of said reptiles or rats and frogs, whatever. The whole show is just messy and awful and to get the public involved to phone in for who is the next target of this abuse is plain bullying. I know these celebs sign up for it, but should we be encouraging this form of treatment.

Many years ago, the presenter Clive James used to show clips of the Japanese game shows doing similar and we all shook our heads and muttered about the crazy Japs, now we seem to be doing worse. How bad has our society become?

To have those two slimy presenters making people do these ridiculous tasks and stand back and jokingly encourage the bullying is just crass poor television, how anybody can see this as entertainment is disgusting.

But obviously, that is just me, because the whole nation seems gripped by it nightly for about 6 weeks every year.

I suppose I just can’t understand why one of these victims doesn’t just get up and throw those two in the mire also?

Oh well, it’s good to be different at least I get to hide in the other room and read in peace for a couple of hours!

Rant over.



Byron George

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