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A New British Penal Colony & Concentration Camp

Byron George
3 min readApr 14, 2022


The UK government has announced today officially that they are setting up a concentration camp and penal colony in Rwanda.

They didn’t phrase it that way the official title is called “Offshoring.”

At a time when the Prime Minister is the first one ever to be found guilty of a criminal offence whilst in office along with his Chancellor they now have the effrontery to make this announcement.

This is the worst, most incompetent government in my lifetime. We thought that they were bad enough as they have dragged their heels, making excuses for delaying official visas for genuine refugees from the war in Ukraine. They are making it as difficult as they could, making them apply online from offices in Poland or at the 2 men, a desk, and a bag of crisps at the ferry port of Calais and claiming that is increasing the number of immigration officials.

Now they are claiming that another so-called benefit of Brexit is to allow them to create this penal colony in Rwanda, 4000 miles away, for those that come across the channel illegally in rubber dinghies.

Not only that he is putting the Royal Navy in charge of policing the Channel between here and France.

Of course, it is a huge dog whistle to his racist and Brexiteer supporters at a time when most of the country thinks that he should resign or be sacked for making laws that locked us all down while he and his staff in Downing Street partied and broke those laws. He is claiming that it was in his election manifesto, and he is just getting his job done.

I am disgusted with this ultra-right-wing neo-fascist Johnson government, and anyone who voted for them. I am surprised at those who still support him after the incompetence, corruption during the pandemic, giving multi-million-pound contracts to their buddies and sponsors, accepting money from Russian Oligarchs, the whole country now has a stench about it, the cost of living and energy crisis is taking us back to the 1920s.

I dread to think what the next general election slogan will be after this latest fiasco with Rwanda, a country renowned for torturing any opposition.

They might as well go back to “If you want a nigger for a neighbour vote Labour,” that graffiti that I remember seeing sprayed on walls as I walked to school in the 1950’s.

The only “Illegals” that I see in our country at the moment are Boris Johnson and his cabinet.

There should be nothing less than people on the streets in revolt against this cruel and heartless policy.

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