A Fascist Régime — God Save The Queen

Byron George
4 min readMay 27, 2022
70 years back a Coronation party: The writer 2nd from the left, front row.

As most of the UK builds up to so many street parties to celebrate the 70 years reign of Queen Elizabeth and a ‘generous’ extra-statutory day off, which of course businesses will have to pay for, and the State will receive tax revenues from that day’s holiday pay, we are all supposed to doff our caps, tug our forelocks, take the knee, and curtsy in gratitude. Forgive me if I don’t join in.

I’ll take any holidays they deign to give me, and I’ll sulk a little and sit in the corner of my local bar, but I won’t be joining in celebrating the existence of the monarchy in my country. It is all part of the establishment plot that is designed to make us plebs know our place in society.

Credit: https://www.sexpistolsofficial.com/sex-pistols-artwork/

I deliberately turned that headline around from the lyrics of the old Sex Pistols hit and send-up, I quote “God Save The Queen, a fascist regime.” We are at this moment in the grip of a near fascist government run by a lying Prime Minister, proven by his being the first Prime Minister to be handed a criminal fine whilst in public office, and overseeing his own office staff having parties during a lockdown, that he and his cronies wrote the law about.

This monarch reigns over a government that is illegally attempting to send immigrants found to have crossed the channel in rubber dinghies to Rwanda, thereby bringing back the transportation of minor offenders to a penal colony. The same minister responsible for that policy has also just brought in another bill to ban ‘noisy’ demonstrations and is seeking to go further by removing the Human Rights Act and our access to the European Court of Justice, an institution that the UK was instrumental in bringing about. Yet this Queen that we are all supposed to respect and ‘kowtow’ to when anyone is presented to her, does absolutely nothing, or even comments about.

I know that protocol dictates that she cannot comment on political issues, but the fact that they laud her when she or her representative reads out government policy at the opening of parliament just goes to prove that she is being used as a symbol of our repression.

Byron George

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