Cool, keep it up.

My last lover was just coming up to 50 and was the ultimate best lover sexually in my whole life. Other circumstances have kept us apart, but she is still in my heart, and give me half a chance, money, the ability to travel again, and no virus in her country, I'd be there tomorrow.

Life just sometimes kicks us in the proverbial, but we have to survive, so move on. If ever you are my way give me a shout, ha ha. We're obviously on the same wavelength, cerebrally I mean.

What a great read. I followed your case from the UK and was always concerned at the usual salacious stuff from the press. It was quite obvious from afar that you were a victim of police bias, being a foreigner made you weird to them, especially as cultural differences would make you appear that way. The problem is always that the public believe that once charged you are guilty and not innocent until proven so. People believe the police can do no wrong, no smoke without fire etc. …

A nice erotic, romantic read, rather in my own style at times. I prefer them like this they are more natural and believable. Thanks.

Go Girl! Love the emotion in this article. Over my 72 years, I've loved and lost, cheated and been dumped, but I've still managed to keep that little piece of my heart for those good moments, old memories of making love and being loved. Never hold a grudge, I just move on.

You finally learnt to let go. I think us body/sex positive get to that point eventually. It must be a way of psychologically letting go of early bullying as kids and teens.

Even as a male I felt that way for years, the mickey-taking of your peers, my gappy teeth, my eye that was damaged by a blow, became getting overweight and hiding until you find a way to beat it. Then when I started working in Asia, where the numbers game worked in my favour the gappy teeth became "Buddha Smile", and overweight began to go, the wonky eye, became "Handsome man" and my beliefs changed to love myself more.

Good on yer for going for it.

Photo by Wes Tindel on Unsplash

Sweet as Belgian chocolate is my lover
As smooth in her accentuated talk,
She’s better, superior to any other,
More beautiful than our roses so pink,
I love her eyes so brown
As sensual, soft, and subtle as mink.

As a coat so warm she covers
My senses in a glow, I slink
As genial and convivial daily,
She brightens my way,
Lightens my day, my ardour
So passionate and zealously
Applied with hot-bloodied candour.

We dance with concerns forever
Intellectually inclined
Souls aligned
Latin passions alight
We kiss as sweet as candy
Make love with gay reckless
Need and lust.
Luxuriate in our wanton
Licentious abandon…

Oh shit Thief, do you know all my girlfriends too?

Known some beautiful Ugandan girls, Kampala Uni turns out some great ones, intelligent and hot. Met them on my travels, along with some Nigerians and some who claimed to be from elsewhere because they didn't want to own up to being from Nigeria. Still in touch with most. All sassy, great company, and of course Byronic!

Get that one going live and I'll come and I'll play my harps with ya!

Byron George

Positive & openly sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! Meditator, living, loving and growin’ old disgracefully.

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