I am Brian, I’m a writer and novelist these days and am gradually building a successful business as a Copywriter, I’m 71 years young. I should be retired but I’m not ready to give in yet as I see writing as something I can do and love to do for…

I don't believe in Tantra without a partner. I have used a healing guided meditation together with my partner, we sat naked and after when our hands and bodies were enlivened with spiritual energy, we gave each other a non-touch massage, using the energy from our fingertips just a few…

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Driving The Customized DS 20 Named Michelle in Miami Made New friends

Once we settled into being locals in Little Havana and built up a reputation for scaring restaurant delivery boys into falling over their mopeds, people used to pop round to say hi. Sandra played on the attention like the star she has always been in my eyes, she had a…

Even some British still believe their own hype about some of those points despite it being one of their main holiday destinations. I went there as a backpacker in the Franco era and it is so much better today than even parts of the UK. Which are becoming more like those Mexican border towns.

My About to be released Adventure Novel

For all of you who are just starting out on your writing journey, like all things it doesn’t come easy for all. Some get lucky and some don’t. J.K. Rowling submitted her Harry Potter book to some 900 Literary Agents before someone took a chance on her, and John Grisham…

Thanks Meg, I'm writing one at the moment that scenario might be added to! lol

I've known people in similar situations and respect their choices made to survive, but I know many guys who would be disgusted by that.

I had to learn to lose my jealousy the hard way, while the love of my life at the time hooked in Dubai. It broke us up in the end, I cared too much for her safety, and the pressure of that care on her meant that she couldn't do her 'job,' which was her lifeline and her families.

My book Desert Loves 2 has all the angst, love, and actual emails & letters between us, I had to write it to finally get her out of my head.


scroll down.

Ha ha, very funny. As a Brit who worked in Houston on occasions I saw some who played up on it, but most were very gentlemanly, even the women.

Politically, yes most were frighteningly right of Gengis Khan.

The funniest thing that I saw though was when I took a…

Byron George

Positive & openly sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! Meditator, living, loving and growin’ old disgracefully.

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