I am Brian, I’m a writer and novelist these days and am gradually building a successful business as a Copywriter, I’m 71 years young. I should be retired but I’m not ready to give in yet as I see writing as something I can do and love to do for many years yet.
I lost my house due to the financial crash about 12 years ago when I was ripped off by an unscrupulous developer in Europe. I fought and fought and have about 4 lawsuits going on back to those times. I have used up any reserve capital I have…

And there you have the root of the problem.

Men must be reprogrammed in those countries cultures and in religion. They are stuck in the dark ages.

It is men's thoughts and outlook that has to be changed. Instead of admiring a woman's right to choose how she behaves they are given authority to judge and that is wrong.

That culture, that society is quite simply barbaric.

We all have our self-doubts. I am 72 and still get them, yet have written 9 novels, run multi-million $ engineering projects worldwide, been lover of many beautiful souls, yet still worry about the large gap in my front teeth, the right eye that goes wandering when tired , from an old retinal wound, my tendency to put on weight.

I've decided at long last to be true to myself, to write truthfully all my feelings, to piss off conventional thoughts and grow old disgracefully. Maybe I'll finally make the fortune I've been seeking for years. Maybe I won't, but…

One refuses to move out of their comfort zone, and wants to look only at the grandkids, while he wants to play in a rock band, or move to another country, do something exciting before he rots.

Men aren't interested in stagnating, the young woman still wants the sexual stimulation while the old one went off it years ago, but is more interested in keeping up appearances, while he wants to let loose and grow old disgracefully.

Well that sums up my life anyhow! lol

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Our Future

Don’t leave me to ponder
On Fridays, to wonder,
Time on my hands
To write,
To read,
To plot,
And to plan.

My God did I miss you this weekend
I’ve done nothing else but edit, write, and pontificate,
All the while I have thought of you and our time ahead.
I’ve angered old friends, but seen it coming,
There comes a time when I have to make the break,
To leave these shores re-delineate, the ending

To get ahead I have to start anew,
Our new beginning, expand the potential and review,
The impending,
The forthcoming.


Absolutely the best position for mutual enjoyment and orgasms. My last gf & I climaxed simultaneously and she squirted down my throat, and that triggered my orgasm, which she also swallowed. She sat up while lifting herself off my face rolled off and we both burst into laughter, it was an amazing moment of mutual satisfaction.

Body size can have a lot to do with it, to be successful. You have to fit. That is why the lady on top works better. As a large guy I am always wary of being too smothering or choking, when close to orgasm.

A nice story, romance, emotion & erotic memories. That is how we should all be in our erotic writing.

Age is immaterial, my last gf did that to me, she was 48 and I was 69. Those memories are forever beautiful.

Thank you, I've been on here a couple of years and am about 180 stories/articles in.

Welcome also.


I thought I'd just say hi.

I've been through many different addictions throughout my life and conquered most. I accept that I have, and so do most people, some form of addictive personality, but alcohol I manage ok, I can go without or binge. I've worked in countries and jobs where it's banned and laid off it at will. But in the UK the pub and the social scene is all about a few drinks and hard not to.

Sex is an addiction that I haven't managed to lose and probably don't want to, but these days I write about…

Ha ha, love your take on that Thief. It is all part of our next book. In real life I've never met Sandra, never seen her even, it is a real virtual affair. Her company policy forbids her using Social Media or to show real pics. We've got around those rules only slightly but this is a great way to stimulate the old senses. She gives me a few ideas and I create the erotica. It is a great way to collaborate.

Byron George

Positive & openly sensual author; loves diversity, travel, other cultures, pan, poly whatever! Meditator, living, loving and growin’ old disgracefully.

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